Monday, April 12, 2010


The past 24 hours have been pretty darn good.

Last night, we went to Glam, to dance and enjoy the view. : ) Initally, things weren't going as planned. People didn't come and then people left and yadda yadda. But it ended up with me dancing for nearly 4 hours, just chillin. It was amazing. I knocked back a few bottles of water and my friend and I just danced. It was so incredibly refreshing. I cannot explain how happy it made me. Just Dance. It really is that simple.

Afterwards, being college kids, we wanted to eat. Apparently at 6am, every other 20+ year old in Buenos Aires has the same idea- McDonalds. So after deciding it was not worth an 30min or more wait, the remaining three of us got papas fritas, frutillas con creama, y agua sin gas at a local cafe.. Debriefed, laughed, and just chilled. When we exited the cafe, we saw daylight. It was 730am, and we had officialy made our first Buenos Aires sunrise. This means that we three are now porteños and no one can deny it.

So after sleeping for four hours, brunching, sleeping for two more hours, I got to see two of my favorite people, one of which had spent spring break back in New York City. It was fantastic, until out of a desperate cry for attention, I decided to spill my drink all over myself, my friends, and our table... Good to know some things do not quite change.

The rest of today has been spent talking with some of my favorite people from my two other homes. I think I just needed to decompress. With everything going on around me and Spring Break ending, I kinda got frazzled, did some silly things, and just needed to reboot. I love the people who keep me grounded.

Tomorrow I go back to real life. Volunteering, school, homework- gotta reel in the social life and try to go back to balancing things out... which is hard seeing as I've gone out every night for the past 12 nights.

Entonces- Buenas vacaciones. Buenas decisiones. Buenas personas. Buena ciudad.

Buena vida.

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