Friday, April 9, 2010

I have officially been in Argentina longer than I will be in Argentina. It's just been such a grand experience that I don't think I could ever sum it up in a sentence or two, or even a blog post. I am seriously worried about transitioning back into life in the US. I am spending my summer back home, working at Camp again, and training starts less than a week after I get back. That itself will be rough. I will have barely anytime to transition or just digest, before having to be Camp Counselor Bri- peppy, happy, energetic.

My spanish is definitely coming along. Though I still have issues. It's funny because most of my major "spanish fail" moments happen when I'm at home. I think I am just so nervous about sounding perfect and yadda yadda, while when I am out a bar or something, I could care less. Generally, I will never see this people again. So my bad spanish means nothing. But its not bad. Its getting there. And I still have time.

This week has been spent between nations- Uruguay and Argentina- trying to soak up as much as possible. Though Uruguay was pretty miserable, I'm still glad I went. Poverty is incredibly apparent there. My friend and I ended up en the outskirts and it was pretty depressing for a few minutes there. Also- the sidewalks are worse (didn't think that was possible...) and finding a cab was IMPOSSIBLE (especially one where you weren't crammed). But coming back to BsAs has been great. I've had time to go see things, be touristy, be lazy, and be a college kid on spring break. Especially with everything going on in Flint, having time to decompress has been nice. I have tried to explain to people that my city is literally on fire, but I just don't think anyone is able to quite grasp what is going on at home right now and why concentrating has been a little more difficult. At least, from what I hear, things are calming down back home? I hope so.

Anywho- I am going to try to update this thing more often. Though it is getting harder and harder to.

Let me end with some fun facts-

1.) I still don't like empanadas... I've tried. I really have. But... ugh. Nasty. Please don't make me eat them.
2.) I also don't like red wine. White wine please!!! Unless I am alone and thus find it acceptable to put some ice in my red wine.. I like cold beverages
3.) I have never felt so comfortable making friends before.
4.) Rambo is the cutest thing ever... even though he needs to learn not to bite. Every morning he runs to greet me, licks my hand, and then attempts to knaw my big toe off...
5.) McDonald's is amazing here. As in everyone should leave the States and eat McDonalds. Mmm Argentine beef.

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