Monday, April 19, 2010

"Me llamo Bri... como el queso...¿?"

When it rains in Buenos Aires, it pours... and floods... and is impossible to get anywhere. I spent my day at a Starbucks (trying to prepare to transition back into American society.. I swear) and then, around 730, decided to leave with my friend who lives near me. As we are getting ready to leave, we decide to make a bathroom pit stop- DECISION MAKING FAIL.

If we hadn't, we would have gone outside, easily caught a cab, made it home happily and watched the typhoon from inside. But no...

To make a long story short, after spending about 20 minutes in the rain and HAIL trying to hail a cab (funny how many different meanings a word can have), the rain eased up. We crossed a river, meaning my feet have officially been submerged in Buenos Aires-nasty, and walked home. I got into my building, saw my doorman, tried to avoid him and save face, but that was also a fail because the elevator was on the 14th floor. He asked me if I was wet... apparently asking the obvious is funny in Argentina too. I explained to him that in New York, when it rains we take the subway. I think seeing drenched rat Briana made his day or atleast gave him a good laugh. Either way, I learned a new verb- mojar and had a virtually flawless conversation with someone I had never said more than "Hola, ¿Qué tal?" y "Gracias."

Other highlights of my week:
1.) Last night went to this performance of a group called "La Bomba de Tiempo." It's pretty amazing and so is the venue.
2.) Had a cab driver ask me about 3 times whether I was POSITIVE that I was not Colombian. I assured him that I was not, but thanked him for the compliment.
3.) I still do not like empanadas. I tried, but we just do not get along.
4.) Rambo and I might break up. He was very rude to me today. And peed on my purse while I was brushing my teeth. But he is adorable. Either way, I miss my Ebbie. : (
5.) In other news- I am NOT done with spanish. I am taking Advanced Conversation next semester. Apparently it is really good for building vocab, which is what I really need. I'm pretty excited about it.
6.) Almost punched a latino in the face yesterday.

And finally, to end my lovely post- a public service announcement:

Dear Men Residing in Argentina-
Please review what the phrases "No me toques" and "No lo/la toques (insert noun here)" mean. They are important to insure that I don't inflict physical harm on you. Also, remember that not all American girls are easy. Consider these tools for a peaceful existence until either you or I leave this nation. Muchas gracias.

: )


  1. You make me laugh and I am so happy you are continuing with Spanish!

  2. So the cheese is just something that is multi-ligual?
    I feel like I should have known this fact already, with Feliepe all those years ago.