Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sin Título

I'm kinda in a funk right now. Which explains why I have not written in well over a week.

Still trying to break old habits as well. Ejemplo: I was sitting at the table for dinner, eating my food, zoning out as usual. I hear my family just rambling on, and I was not even trying to listen. Just enjoying the wonderful-ness that was Mariana's stir-fry, complete with Teriaki sauce and colorful peppers. Mmm.. And then I notice the conversation has stopped, and that the last thing someone said was "Oh... ¿Ella?" Revelation hits- I'm this "ella." So I look up, to find all of them staring at me. Apparently someone asked me a question. Apparently I was not listening or paying any type of attention. Just concentrating on using my chopsticks properly, amazed at how good of a cook Mariana is, thinking about how I like to cook, and who else cooks? People on Top Chef cook... So yeah.

I look up, make eye contact with Fernando, who can tell I am just gone, and then repeats the question (Pretty basic guys- "¿Cómo fue tu fin de semana?" Which is probably how he knew I was just gone.), to which I aswner (pretty incredibly basic answer "Bien, gracias.") and then melt into laughter. Fernando chuckled with me. At least we have a non-lingual understanding. Incidents like this are probably why my host siblings think I don't understand Spanish. But thankfully, my parents know I do... but probably just think I am emotionally unstable. : )

Big News!! Big News!! I have a new man in my life!! He's loveable, friendly, and showers me with kisses. He has He's in the process of being house trained and likes to naw on chair legs, but utlimately, I have found an Argentine for me. His name is Rambo.

Lots of homework. Internship apps. And other things to worry about. Querido Blog, tenés que esperar. Chau chau!


  1. ....and you just need to know where you are.

  2. True story. Te quiero mucho.

  3. V ani ao-hev-it at!
    I wish you could understand me :(