Sunday, March 7, 2010

Argentina just got a little more intense

One of the things I really wanted to do while I was here was volunteer. I love volunteering. It's a great way to get to do a bunch of random stuff and typically really helps me figure stuff out. My plan was to take 3 classes, and then volunteer, and starting Monday, that's exactly what I get to do.

My assignment is pretty intense. I'm working at la Asociación Civil Maria del Rosario de San Nicolás. Basically it's a home for girls who have been neglected or abused, removed from their homes, and places en San Nicolás por el Estado. Currently, there are 23 girls living there, many of which (or maybe even all of them) attend school outside of the Center, typically for half a day or so. So that's all really intense. But I'm excited. I'm teaching a drama class and english class with another NYU student, so hopefully they will be a fun, stress-free outlet for the girls.

Oh. Did I mention it was all in Spanish? As Americans, we just kinda expect people to speak English. Well, this is the real world. And in the real world, English is NOT the language spoken by every living soul. On wednesday, I had to sell myself in Spanish. On Friday, I had to submit my lesson plan in Spanish. Tomorrow, I get to teach my classes in Spanish. Part of me is scared, but then there is this other part, that know this is just what I have to do. It comes down to what is more important- Giving these girls a little comic relief (because lets face it, mi castellano= comic relief) or my fears/ego? This is just what I do. I've been doing it for five years now... this time it's just in Spanish. How hard could it be? Hahaha

Entonces, this week I've had a few revelaciones:

1. Under pressure, I can put some spanish frases together. Good skill to have. (Also, after a drink or two...)
2. Cachaza is strong.
3. El Subte is pretty nice. Easy to navigate and RIDICULOUSLY cheap ($1,10 per viaje, which is like 30 cents...)
4. American music is really popular here.
5. Tanning near the hole in the Ozone layer is great. You get darker, quicker (and skin cancer quicker as well!).

I think I'm pretty well adjusted as well, which is good. Trying to be more porteña and stayed out til about 5am last night. By the time I leave, 7-8am will seem like NOTHING!! The more time I spend here, the harder I know going back is going to be. But until June-something-th, it's just me, Bs As, mis amigos (basically amigas + UN amigo, but whatever sexist language), y some pesos. I make I'm totally content now, and it can only get better right? Estoy muy emocionada.

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