Monday, February 15, 2010

"Pueyrredón y French, por favor."

This past week has been (como mi amiga TiTi diría) "cray cray."

Between orientation, making friends, being social, and trying to figure out where in the world I am ALL THE TIME, I'm simply exhausted. Everytime mi mamá o papá de acá ask me how I am, I always say "Cansada." Now it's kinda a joke between all of us- I'm always tired, but always going places.

I don't think I've talked much about the nightlife here, but things happen really late. You eat dinner late. Typically en mi casa, we eat around 10-1030pm. And you also go out late. In Buenos Aires, it's normal for people to meet up and go out at like 2am and not come home until 6 or 7. CRAZY but I am proud to say I know 3 people who have successfully done that. Me on the other hand, I am in capable of staying up that late. Gotta work up to it.

Fun Facts:
1. 2% of the people in Buenos Aires are black
2. They don't have cottage cheese
3. "Tú" is not used here. Instead "vos" is. The only differences are in irregular verbs in the present tense (Like "Vos tenés" instead of "Vos tienes") and mandatos afirmativos.
4. Mullets are in style
5. There are stray dogs en cada barrio, cada calle, EVERYWHERE!!
6. "ll", which usually makes a "y" sound, in Buenos Aires, makes a "shh-e" sound. It's hard to describe, but if you don't know to listen for it, you don't understand ANYTHING
7. Porteños like their helado. Thank goodness every place I've been has helado sin leche. Makes me life lovely
8. People stare like nobody's business. All the time.
9. My birthday ( 9 de Julio) is a el Día de Independencía en Argentina!! To bad I won't be here then. : (

I just love how it feels here. It's a big city, but the pace is definitely slower. Being here isn't as exhausting as New York (minus the heat and the nightlife...). People stay up late, sleep in even later (when there is no school), and just generally enjoy life, instead of rushing through it how we Americans do. My mind feels at ease even though my body seems to be rejecting everything.

Sidenote- We went to el Tigre, which is pretty amazing. Its a river (that happens to be brown...), where we got to swim and just chill out with everyone. Make some new friends, and have an ASADO!!! Which is basically when you eat a bunch of meat. Mmm

For the most part, I think I'm pretty well adjusted. Though I think the Honeymoon phase is ending. Real life starts tomorrow, balancing classes, homelife, spanish, and a social life. But I'm lucky enough to know a bunch of people going through the same thing. ¡Hasta Pronto!