Thursday, June 10, 2010

El fin

This feels like the end. Argentina and I had a good run. Though, I don't think the nation wanted me to leave, due to the hell I went through trying to get back to Michigan.... but I digress.

Four months went by so quickly. I feel like it was forever ago and also never ago. Did it really happen? Did I really go? And live? And learn? And speak spanish? The best, most challenging, most enjoyable, hardest, fun-est four months ever. I wouldn't change a second of it for anything. I did exactly what I wanted, pushed myself, and did not sell out. I consider it a sucess.

Was I ready for it to end? Never. I know myself and I know when I am done with something. I was not done. But life happens. Do I want to go back? Por supuesto. Will it happen? No sé. Tengo mucho para hacer.... mucho que quiero hacer y para hacerlo, no puedo estar en Buenos Aires... Pero no sé. Things change. Ideas, wants, life. Life changes. So, who knows? Maybe I will become an ex-pat afterall.

Being home is not completely miserable. I've had a few rough culture shock moments and am relatively grumpy/on edge. I'm hoping it will go away. But I've also spent time with one of my best friends EVER and her family. It's just nice to walk into her house, plop down on the couch, chat with the 'rents and brother, and just be. Be called "honey" and just be part of the family. Just the comfortablilty of it all. It just feels so normal and easy. Right now, it's comforting. Keeps me from getting overly emotional, but could it hold me over forever? Doubt it.

Today, I talked with Sam about what I want to do. I feel passion that I've never felt about ideas or possibilities. But none of that would lead me back to Argentina or Latin America in general, and that breaks my heart. So, it is really what I want? Quién sabe... ¿quién sabe?

It feels like the end. But it isn't. That much I do know. However, it is the end of this blog. : )

Gracias por todo- por su ayuda y amor y por leyendo. Buenos Aires- Te extraño querida y te quiero para siempre. Chau mi amor!! Te veo pronto!!


  1. Not the end :(

    Loved reading your blog, bri bri!

  2. Bri,

    Best four months of my life too. Glad to have spent it with you.