Thursday, May 27, 2010

Faltan diez días...

Things are wrapping up here pretty quickly. In ten days, I return to the States.

Pros: Home, American Food, English
Cons: Home, American Food, English

I kidd, I kidd...

I am ready to come home? Ish? The past few days have made me really miss my home base. I need my friends. Granted, I am always away from them, but this time it's just been a little harder. I feel like calling them friends does not even get to it. They are family. I mean, who sits online with you, while you rapidly rant about and whine, sobbing, until you calm down and can function again? I had a rough few days, and now that they are done, I just really miss the people who make my life simple, or help simplify it when it goes crazy.

I also miss my doggies, my bed, TELEVISION!!!, radio, TACO BELL!!! To name a few.

I don't think I could ever say I am ready to leave here though. This now feel natural to me. I am used to sitting down at dinner, being made fun of for my constant lack of energy, while my host siblings argue over the computer and my host dad just shakes his head at me. Little Rambo, knawing my LEG off. My cuarto IS my cuarto and I just feel at home. And now, I have to be uprooted, readjust, and try to act like Michigan or the States are really what is normal.

Plus- No one in Flint speaks spanish... which is fine... except that I went to a bar with an American bartender last weekend, and couldn't remember how to say "menu" and then had difficulties ordering food in English...

Next ten days will be epic!! Time to enjoy the city, enjoy the life, and enjoy the friends who won't be coming back to the States conmigo. : (

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